Indonesia - West Java

Indonesia - West Java

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Single Origin Specialty Grade Coffee

Country: Indonesia
Region: West Java
Producer: Blue Sunda Estate
Variety: Typica, Ateng
Process: Wet-Hulled
Elevation: 1500-1600 MASL 

Tasting Notes: Tobacco, Cedar, Lemongrass. Caraway, Cardamom

Blue Sunda Estate can be found at 1,500-1,600masl. The terrain is so steep that coffee cherries are harvested and transported by scooter instead of four-wheel-drive vehicles. This wet-hulled coffee is bright, with a creamy mouthfeel complemented by hints of flowers and spices, and finished with a very subtle earthy note characteristic of coffee from Java.

On the Blue Sunda estate in West Java, around 80-90 tons of coffee are farmed every year on a 50-hectare plantation. Coffee from this region is often considered the true “Java” component of the widely recognized Mocha Java Blend, one of the oldest coffee blends in the world. It traditionally combined Mocha coffee from Yemen and Java Arabica coffee from Indonesia.

Coffee has old roots in Java, stemming from the early 1700s when Yemeni coffee seedlings arrived in Indonesia via trade with India. The Dutch East India Company propelled both coffee production and trade between Java and Europe, cementing Java’s legendary status as the first origin to widely cultivate coffee outside of Ethiopia and Arabia.