Guatemala - Carlos Roldán

Guatemala - Carlos Roldán

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Single Origin Specialty Grade Coffee

Country: Guatemala
Region: Fraijanes
Producer: Carlos Roldán
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Marsellesa
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1500-1700 MASL 

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, cashew cream, almond, tamarind

Behind Finca Siquem lies the Roldan family. The farm was founded in 1921 and neglected for generations. In 2018, it underwent a revival under the leadership of the Roldan family, who acquired the farm from a family friend.

Since its revival, Finca Siquem has been focused on specialty coffees. They sought the advice of agronomical engineers and received assistance from the National Coffee Association (ANACAFE). As a first step, the engineers recommended analyzing the soil and then creating a customized recipe for soil reconditioning.

Finca Siquem in Guatemala is a significant player, spanning 355 acres in size. From the beginning, the Roldan family understood the climatic conditions of their region. As part of their revival project, they replanted coffee trees (removing a significant portion of them), built an artificial lagoon, a water treatment plant, and opted to preserve part of the farm with native trees.

Siquem produces various coffees, with their Estate Blend standing out for its consistency and traceability from one harvest to another. This blend is exclusively made from high-altitude beans.